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Natural Dolomitic Binder - LDN

‘Legante Dolomitico Naturale’ is a natural aerial binder without chemical or cement additives, meant for the preparation on-site of biocomposites belonging to the Bio Beton® line by Senini, suitable for the restoration of historic buildings, renovations, new buildings and for the emerging need to build ‘Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings’ known as NZEB.


Acts as a binder for the production of bedding mortar and for the insulation systems of: masonry walls, external/internal walls, roofs, attics and subfloors. It’s also used for base and finish coating systems, in architectural restoration and in Neo-building.


‘Legante Dolomitico Naturale’ is mixed with hemp shiv following specific ratios, thus creating ideal biocomposites for plasters, insulating walls, external insulation and substrates. ‘Legante Dolomitico Naturale’ stabilises the hemp, which in turn, thanks to its silica component (about 5%), hydrolises the high content of aerial lime. Mixing both elements protects the biocomposite from fire, decomposition, or aggression by rodents and insects. The hemp enhances all the characteristics of natural lime by increasing its porosity, breathability, permeability to water vapour and the ability to manage the humidity in the living space. Hemp shiv also add workability and structural body, allowing to coat vertical walls with a single application of thermal plaster, for a thickness of 1 to 45cm.

Technical Data

Physical Characteristics

• Physical state: solid in fine powder;
• White colour;
• Odour: none;

Supply Mode

• Bulk in a tanker with pneumatic unloading
• Packaged in 25 kg bags
• Storage must take place in a dry place. We recommend the use within 8 weeks.


Do not apply in conditions of strong solar radiation or if exposed to the action of the wind. In any case, carry out the work at ambient temperatures between
5 ° C and 35 ° C. Protect from fast drying and frost. ‘Legante Dolomitico Naturale’ has a very high content of aerial lime, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment and, in case of contact with the eyes, consult a doctor immediately. Don’t rub. Wash immediately abundantly and for a long time with drinking water (possibly sugared) or with specific eye washes. Go to the emergency room as soon as possible. If in contact with the skin, wash the affected area with plenty of water and soap. If inhaled, irrigate the nose and rinse the throat with drinking water. Product intended for professional use. Adequately protect the parts for which the product is not intended. The operator must be equipped with the provisions of current safety regulations. We decline all responsibility for damage that may result from improper use of the product. Unused material and packaging must be disposed of as waste.


The company reserves the right to modify the above information over time, while maintaining the characteristics of the product.

Technical data sheet – Natural Dolomitic Binder LDN