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Probiotic Additive

Additivo Probiotico is a symbiotic blend of microorganisms found in nature that allow to reverse and regenerate oxidative and degenerative processes. Added to Thick or Thin Hemp Shiv, Natural Dolomitic Binder and Water, Additivo Probiotico allows to speed up the lime carbonation process, providing to the biocomposites, greater short term mechanical resistance and shorter drying time. Furthermore, this composition allows to eliminate any mould problems in the slow drying phase of the biocomposites, as the probiotics present feed on the bacteria that give rise to moulds.



  • Mineral salts
  • Raw sugar cane molasses
  • Water and microorganisms

Present Microorganisms

Non-pathogenic symbiotic bacterial cultures including lactic acid bacteria, photosynthesis bacteria and yeasts.

pH Value

Between 3.4 and 3.7


1,1 kg per liter of activated product


In a dark place between 5 and 25 degrees centigrade


The product has a dark brown color slightly transparent against the light.


The smell must be slightly acidic, typical of fermented products.


Completely biodegradable, it leaves no toxic or harmful residues for humans and the environment.

Safety Indications

No particular precautions in case of physical contact with parts of the body even if accidentally ingested


Bio Beton®

2 l/m3

Bio Beton® 200

2 l/m3

Bio Beton® 300

4 l/m3

Bio Beton® 500 Venezia

0,5 l/bucket

Technical data sheet – Probiotic additive