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Objectives of Tecnocanapa

Reduction of energy consumption

In Italy 45% of energy consumption is absorbed by the construction and the management of buildings.

Over the last few years, the lack of attention concerning thermal insulation and the use of synthetic materials have led to the construction of particularly ‘energy-consuming’ buildings.

With our natural insulation systems, we solve the problem on two aspects: thanks to the extreme ability of the materials to block the passage of heat and cold and to the low level of incorporated energy (quantity of energy necessary for its production, use and disposal).

Healthiness of the living space

Thanks to the naturalness of the materials used and the total absence of toxic substances, we can now solve most of the environmental and health problems that characterise modern living.

The ability of BioBeton® insulation systems for breathing and managing water vapour, allows walls, floors, and roofs to function as a lung capable of regulating humidity, absorbing excess humidity, and releasing it when the air is dry, just like a dehumidifier / humidifier.

In this way, all annoying humidity problems, that causes appearance of mould and poor air quality, can be definitively resolved.

Eco-sustainability of materials

Our insulation systems are composed of hemp shiv and hydrated lime-based binders.

They represent an environmentally sustainable alternative that is much more efficient than conventional synthetic materials, generally used to insulate buildings (glass wool, rock wool, polyurethane or polystyrene).

Hemp is an annual plant that has a high potential of biomass production, and it can absorb a high quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere. This result in a negative balance of CO2 emissions from our insulation systems: the amount of CO2 captured and sequestered is higher than that the one emitted during the cycle of life of the material.

Tradition and innovation

We are inspired by ancient construction methods to tackle the problems of modern living.

Since ancient times, man has used and combined natural materials that were available locally, such as stone, wood, vegetable fibres, wax, lime, sand, and earth.

Following a long and intense period of research and development, we have developed an effective system that combines natural fibres and lime-based binders. This system can solve the widespread problems of energy dispersion and poor moisture management.

In this way, insulation from the cold in winter and protection from heat in summer are guaranteed. Moreover, the hygrothermal balance is maintained as well as the breathability of the architectural elements.