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Fine Mortar of Lime Putty and Sand


‘Malta Fine’ is a ready-to-use skim coat composed of lime putty and classified sands.


‘Malta Fine’ is a skim coat typically applied on base plasters such as ‘Intonaco di Calce Naturale’ or ‘Bio Beton 500 Venezia’. For internal use only.

Surface Preparation

The surface to be coated must be flat, coplanar and free of dust and dirt. Any traces of oils, greases, waxes, etc. must be removed beforehand. ‘Malta Fine’ can be applied on a base plaster previously moistened.


Apply with a metal trowel for a thickness of maximum 3 mm. After application, moisten and finish with a fine sponge float. It does not require mesh reinforcement


If protected from frost, it has an unlimited duration.

Technical Data

Specific weight – Kg/m3 dry

about 1.700 kg/m3


< 0,6 mm


about 3-4 kg/m2

Maximum thickness of application

about 3 mm

Vapour permeability – EN 1015-19

μ ≤ 9 (measured value)

Water absorption by capillarity – EN 1015-18


Thermal conductivity – EN 1745

λ = 0,45 W/m∙K (table value)

Class – EN 998-1


Technical data sheet – Fine Mortar of Lime Putty and Sand