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The continuous increase in the demand for resources and the simultaneous depletion of those exploited up to now has led us to the need for sustainable solutions in the present and especially in the future.

Tecnocanapa Bioedilizia by Senini proposes itself as a future-proof business model: we are committed to playing ahead of the times, scrupulously applying strategic planning tools towards sustainability.

We aim to create sustainable value, acting in accordance with the 4 principles of sustainability *:

[01] Avoid the systematic increase in the concentration of substances extracted from the earth’s crust

[02] Avoid the systematic increase in the concentration of substances produced by the company

[03] Avoid the systematic degradation of nature by physical means

[04] Avoid creating conditions that limit people’s ability to meet their own needs

The company is founded on three main pillars:

[01] Respect for the environment and the commitment to regenerate it

[02] Respect and enhancement of the human capital that gives it life, and of the relationships with the people with who it interacts.

[03] Attention to the economic return necessary to operate and invest in innovation, research and development

[04] We aim to reduce the energy consumption of new and existing buildings and improve the living comfort of the occupants: the application of construction and natural insulation systems with hemp-and-lime based compounds represent an eco-sustainable alternative decidedly more efficient compared to conventional synthetic materials.

Hemp, an annual plant with a very high biomass production and strong absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere, allows for an overall negative balance of CO2 emissions from our insulation systems: the amount of CO2 captured and sequestered is greater than the amount emitted during the life cycle of the material.