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Canapulino is a finish of lime putty aged 18 months and Canapulo Fine 0-6 (hemp shiv) with the addition of Calcium Carbonates (natural colour) or Cocciopesto Powder or Coloured Earth (colour of your choice). Desalinating and dehumidifying thanks to its high hygroscopic capacity, it is an excellent humidity regulator on new and existing walls, guarantees maximum healthiness and significantly improves the comfort of the living spaces.

Use and application

Ready-to-use and applied manually with a thickness of 5-10mm. Before application remove the existing plaster if damaged and
make sure that the substrate is free of friable parts. Apply a first coat of Canaposo as a rough coat and then apply several coats
up to reach the desired thickness, smooth and trowel.

Technical Data

Specific weight

1.110 kg/m3

Vapour permeability - μ



Tecnocanapa’s technical office is available for any support before, during and after the implementation phase

Technical data sheet Canapulino