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Bedding Mortar

‘Malta di Allettamento’ is a natural and highly breathable masonry mortar composed solely of thick hemp shiv, natural dolomitic binder and symbiotic microorganisms. The total absence of hydraulic binders and mineral aggregates as well as the high cellu-lose component maximise the breathability of the masonry and make ‘Malta di Allettamento’ the ideal solution for laying hemp-and-lime ‘Blocco Ambiente’ masonry. Highly energy-efficient, it eliminates the thermal bridges within the masonry, guarantees maximum healthiness and this results in a monolithic masonry from hemp and lime.


Use and application

Ready-to-use product to be applied manually. Spread the mortar in the center of the hemp block for at least 2/3 of the surface with a thickness of about 1 cm, necessary to regularise the surface for the next course of masonry. Before proceeding with the laying of the bedding mortar, the hemp block must be wet by nebulising with clean water. Once the wall is finished, the mortar joints between the bricks can be filled and tooled. Tooling the joints allows to completely eliminate the thermal bridges generated by the bedding mortar and offers a perfect uniformity of material on which the plaster will be applied. It is possible to lay the blocks up to about 3m high, without any problem. For greater heights using blocks of smaller thicknesses, it is advisable to proceed with the laying of about 1.5-2m in height, wait for the bedding mortar to “set” and then continue.

Technical Data

Density – Kg/m3 dry


Thermal Conductivity – W/mK


Vapour permeability – µ


Specific heat capacity – J/kgK


Bending strength – N/mm2


Compressive strength – N/ mm2


Adhesive strength to the substrate – mm2



Tecnocanapa’s technical office is available for technical assistance before, during and after the construction phase.

Technical data sheet – Bedding Mortar